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  • Thirsty Thursday- here's how to kick off your weekend...

    Pick a $5 Tequila Mule or Silver Tequila Shot (or both) - Order your favorite Tacos - Order another Mule or Shot and Enjoy! You must be 21 or over and must provide a proper I.D. Note: We do card if you look (or act) under 40 ;) No other purchase necessary for these drink specials, however, due to the limited seating in our dining area, we ask that you sit at the bar or outside for a "drinks" only visit. Thanks!

  • A Match Made in Heaven...

    Thirsty Thursday $5 Tequila Mule with the delicious smokey goodness of Mal's Smoked Mahi Mahi crispy hand-rolled tacos with a little pickled red onion and other special toppings. So good! Watch for our new Chef's Special 13th Taco... info coming soon.

  • It's Taco Time!

    It's Thursday and what better time for some tasty, trendy tacos and a $5 Tequila Mule available All Day today! Shown in photo is the Birria Tacos and a Tequila Mule.

  • Chef's Special - Octopus Adobado

    The 13th Taco Chef's Special: Tender Octopus Adobado, Citrus Pico, Salsa Verde, Light Crema on fresh corn tortillas. Ask about Mac 13 (our version of Mac & Cheese) and get one for your table to sample when at least 1 entree is purchased. Thirsty Thursday - $5 Tequila Mules. Watch for Family Style coming soon to dine in!

  • 1 Day left until our 2nd Anniversary - It's Thirsty Thursday!

    Only 1 day left to go and we'll hit our 2 Year mark here in the Falls River Area of N. Raleigh! Despite 2020's shortfalls with the virus and closures, etc., it has still been great to be here in this neck of the woods. We've met so many people along the way and we thank each one of you for your support over the past two years and we look forward to serving you for years to come. In Celebration, we are offering the BOGO 1/2 Off Entree through Sat. 1/16 - come on out and get yours! Today is T…

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