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  • So good it's Held Over again!

    Chef's Special Grilled Mahi-Mahi Tacos- held over again! People love it - they ask for it - they keep coming back for more... so we're keeping it around a little longer! Come in and taste what people are talking about! It's Taco Tuesday - don't forget your $4 Margaritas.

  • Accepting Valentine's Reservations Friday & Saturday Night...

    Chef's Valentine's Special 13TH TACO (shown in photo) Because you deserve the best! What people are saying already... "Chef is a Genius!" "This is the Best Yet." and more... "THREE’S COMPANY" 3 Hard Rolled Tacos - 1 of Each:: Surf, Turf & Veggie /Salsa Roja/Crema/Queso Fresco/Avocado Slices/Served with your choice: Arroz Crema, Heirloom Beans, Side Salad or Chips & Salsa. ____________________ VALENTINE’S DESSERT SPECIAL Kahlua Chocolate Mousse & Churro Heart wi…

  • "Everything Fits In My Tortilla," says Chef. Including Thanksgiving Dinner!

    That's right, the new Chef's Special 13th Taco is Thanksgiving Dinner in a Taco! Guava Glazed Oven Roasted Turkey Breast in a bed of Sweet Potato, Cranberry Pico, Chorizo Stuffing, Lightly Spiced Savory Gravy on house made Corn Tortillas. Music Bingo tonight - NEW hours: 6:00pm - 8:00pm First two glasses of wine with your meal for 50% off!

  • Rainy days make me hungry!!! and, it's Fajita Friday the 13th!

    That's right - today is Fajita Friday, and with it being Friday the 13th - what better place to get your taco/fajita fix than 13 Tacos & Taps? Not up for tacos? Chef turns your favorite tacos into Sizzling Fajitas (if you want). Although there are a couple exceptions, almost all of our tacos can be turned into fajitas. So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation early - our seating is limited. Some outdoor seating with heat available but also limited.

  • Celebrating the Classics!

    If you've never had a classic Mexican dish... these are the two to try - Mole Tia Chicken Enchiladas and Chile Relleno. Made in the traditional manner, just like Chef's mom used to make for him in the Yukatan, from our own house made Mole for the Chicken Enchiladas to the hand fried (yes, spooning oil over the stuffed poblano pepper until golden and delicious) Chile Relleno. You'll wish you've tried these sooner - Come taste what Classic is all about!

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