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  • Chef's Special - the 13th Taco...

    It's Grilled Mahi-Mahi done Acapulco Style. You're gonna love it! and, It's Wednesday - 50% off your first 2 glasses of wine with purchase of entree (per person) and $4 Craft & Draft! Not in the N. Raleigh area? Join our food truck , The 13th Taco, at Bond Brothers tonight - service starts at 5:00.

  • Chef's new "13th Taco" Special... so good!

    Try the new 13th Taco Chef's Special ~ Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Garlic Mayo, Cabbage, and Pico Ash (charred corn & pepper salsa). YUM! Today you can grab a $4 draft/craft beer or get your first two glasses of wine at 50% off with the purchase of an entree (per person - no sharing). Wine special (wine or entree) may not be combined with coupons, discounts, rewards or other specials.

  • The 13th Taco Chef's Special - Ceviche de Mahi

    Chef's 13th Taco Special was so popular it sold out first night... but we have it back tonight! Come get em! It's Wednesday - First 2 glasses of wine with purchase of entree at 50% per person. $4 Draft Beer. Pair up the Ceviche with the R&D LoCal Resolution craft beer. Feed you soon!

  • Corned Beef & Cabbage Tacos!

    Chef's 13th Taco Special starts today! Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too!!! Corned Beef & Cabbage on a Taco - What a winning combo! It's been a favorite this time of year since 2016 with Chef David's guests. What more can you ask for? $4.00 Craft/Draft Beer!! YOU GOT IT! Feed you soon!

  • The verdict... a Big Thumbs UP!

    Chef's remake of his already popular Shrimp Dobladitas has been so popular, we though it deserved a second look! Although it looks similar to our very popular Birria Tacos - there no dipping for this one.... it's straight to the mouth! If you love shrimp and you love tacos - you should give this one a try while they're here! It's also Wednesday night tonight - so get ready for your $4 Local Craft Draft Beer or your first 2 glasses of wine at 50% off (per person - no sharing). Maybe you're i…

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