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  • Thirsty Thursday - Tequila Mule Day!!!

    Actually - you get a choice - a House Tequila Mule or a shot of House Tequila for only $5! ALL DAY! (must be 21 - and we card) Grab your favorite tacos and you're ready to kick off your weekend the right way!

  • Thirsty Thursday = Tequila Mules!

    Refreshing Tequila Mules - haven't tried one yet? You're missing out! Come in today for your $5 Tequila Mules - ALL DAY! (Must be 21). No other purchase required - but you might want to grab a few tacos while you're at it. Try some of the best Fusion Tacos in the area!

  • Before you leave for Memorial Day Weekend....

    You know you're going to miss them during your mini vacation for this Memorial weekend, so come in and get your favorite Taco fix today! Get started with one of our Thursday $5 Tequila Mules and our popular, award winning Fusion Tacos!

  • Check out our Chef's Corner!

    Reserve the Chef's Corner now (limited spaces available). Chef will create a special menu for you and your guests (up to 6 adults). All food is served Family Style in this relaxing, semi-private space for a truly unique dining experience. At least 1 week advance reservation is required. See full details by clicking the link at the top of the page. You don't need a special occasion to come in today to get your $5.00 Tequila Mules or house Tequila Shots! ALL DAY.

  • Thirsty Thursday- here's how to kick off your weekend...

    Pick a $5 Tequila Mule or Silver Tequila Shot (or both) - Order your favorite Tacos - Order another Mule or Shot and Enjoy! You must be 21 or over and must provide a proper I.D. Note: We do card if you look (or act) under 40 ;) No other purchase necessary for these drink specials, however, due to the limited seating in our dining area, we ask that you sit at the bar or outside for a "drinks" only visit. Thanks!

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