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  • Taco Tuesday and the New 13th Taco Special from Chef David...

    Didn't get to celebrate National Margarita day? No worries - we got your back! Enjoy your Taco Tuesday with our Classic House Margaritas for only $4 today. Sit back and try Chef's latest 13th Taco Special - "Brisket Tacos" with Salsa Roja and Salsa Xnipec (Yucatecan Pico) on house made Blue Corn Tortillas. It's the perfect way to enjoy the 60+ degree weather while getting your fill of Taco Tuesday favorites!

  • First Tuesday 2021 - We have Pork Belly Tacos & $4 Margaritas!

    Nothing typical about our Pork Belly Tacos! The new 13th Taco Smoked and Flash Seared Pork Belly Tacos / Salsa Mexicana with Avocado topped with Crispy Crumbled Chicharones on Flour Tortillas or our staple, Porky Asia Tacos with Apple Pico (photo). And... it's the first Taco Tuesday of 2021! We have your $4 Margaritas ready and waiting!

  • Celebrate the end of the Year 2020 at 13 Tacos & Taps...

    It's the last Taco Tuesday of the year 2020 - That should be reason enough to celebrate!!! Do it with our house Margaritas for only $4 - or add a flavor for only $1 more! Wow - what a way to say Goodbye to 2020!

  • When life gives you lemons...

    You can always ask for limes instead which go great with just about any of our tacos, and always with our $4.00 Taco Tuesday Margaritas! Turning your lemons into something special (or trading them for limes) is what Taco Tuesday is all about! By the way, our 13th Taco is also Shrimp too! Shrimp Tacos. Mexican West Coast Style. Seared Shrimp with local vegetables, herbs & spices, on top of a Char "Chile Guero," Salsa Tatemada, Avocado slices on house made Corn Tortillas. (Served two large Taco…

  • What's new at 13 Tacos & Taps...

    Not so new - it's Taco Tuesday! That means we have $4. Margaritas for you to go along with your incredible Fusion Tacos! You can also get flavored margaritas for only $5. (Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry, Passion Fruit to name a few). NEW - We have our outdoor heaters ready for those of you who want to sit outside while dining. (see yesterday's post) These heaters are awesome! NEW - We're giving away $20.00 Gift Certificates to all who have a single check of $100.00 or more (not including …

  • Taco Tuesday - Time to Celebrate! $4 Margaritas

    We give you the means to celebrate your favorite Tuesday... "Taco Tuesday" with $4 Margaritas... (add a flavor for only $1 more). Come on in and taste what people are talking about!

  • Taco Tuesday & the New Chef's Special 13th Taco - Tacos Campechanos!

    It's $4 Margarita night and a New Chef's Special 13th Taco... Tacos Campechanos - Filet Mignon, Smoked Pork Belly, Chorizo, Salsa Tatemada, Cilantro & Onions on Chef's Choice of Corn Tortillas. SO GOOD!!!

  • It's a Tuesday Thing!

    Taco Tuesday! $4 Margaritas with incredible Tacos - It's a Tuesday Thing and we got your back at 13 Tacos & Taps! We have some awesome local craft beer on tap for you. Viscious Fishes Ultra Light Reel and an incredible Sour; Lynnwood Hop on Top IPA, Trophy Breweing Trophy Wife IPA, and Hi Wire Bed of Nails Brown Ale, and we also have Modelo Especial on tap for those looking for something more familiar! Can't make it to us in N. Raleigh? Our truck will be out and about tonight - grab som…

  • It's Taco Tuesday!

    We're at it again... Celebrating Tacos with our offering of $4.00 House Margaritas! You can also add a flavor, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango, Passion Fruit, or Peach for only $1.00 more! How about a little coconut and pineapple - it's New and it's the best of two drinks - like a PinaColada with the bang of Gold Tequila in our houe Margarita! Yum! Don't forget our 13th Taco - Traditional Lamb Barbacoa!

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