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  • It's Taco Tuesday!!!

    YAY! That means $4 Classic House Margaritas ALL DAY! or you can add a flavor for only $1 more! OH - don't forget to ask for one of new edible straws - they're awesome and only $1 each - perfect for your Margaritas! Straw Flavors: Lime - the perfect flavor for classic Margarita; Mango for Mango Margarita; Strawberry for Strawberry Margarita; and Chocolate for the Coconut or Pineapple Coconut Margaritas... YUM! Then, when the drink is gone - eat the straw! Follow us on Twitter (or tiktok…

  • It's a Terrific Taco Tuesday here at 13 Tacos & Taps!

    Plan your Taco Tuesday with the best Tacos in Raleigh (shown in photo is the "Red Bird" Tacos [chicken] which, according to Yelp are the Best Tacos in North Carolina! Check out the article here: https://www.eatthis.com/best-tacos-in-every-state/ Not to "toot our horn," but we want you to know that you are getting the "best"! Other award winning tacos are our "Moo Moo Tres" [filet mignon] voted by the people at Taco Palooza to be the best (also in photo behind the Red Bird); and our Shrimp &…

  • And the winner is....

    NancyJThapa of NC Food & Travel and CeCe of CityGirlCeCe created incredible Margaritas for our Two Week long Margaraita Battle. And the winner is: Nancy J Thapa with her "Out of Office" Margarita. A portion of the total sales (from both drinks) will be donated to the NC Food Bank! Thank you Nancy J Thapa and CeCe (City Girl CeCe) for creating these delicious Margaritas for this special event. Although the battle is over, we will continue to make these drinks while the "special" ingredien…

  • Ask Sharita which Margarita to get!

    We're still doing the Margarita Battle - and Sharita can help you choose which Margarita will compliment your favorite tacos! Can't remember her name? Just think "Sharita-Margarita." lol Don't forget to ask Sharita about our Thursday Specials!

  • What's better than Tacos on Taco Tuesday?

    Tacos with a $4 Margarita... of course! Come in and get your taco fix - and grab a $4 house Margarita... What more can you ask for on a beautiful Tuesday? See you there!

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