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    COME GET EM! Chef said to extend the BOGO 1/2 Off Entree special through the weekend. And, it's Fajita Friday tonight! That means you can turn almost any your favorite tacos into sizzling Fajitas tonight! They're also included in the BOGO 1/2 Off! So - you buy the first entree at regular price, get the 2nd of equal or lesser value at 1/2 off! Please... you need to tell your server when you place your order that you are taking advantage of this special. Please note that you may not …

  • Take a Break from the Turkey ... It's Fajita Friday!

    Okay, so you've been preparing for days... got the turkey stuffed - worked hard creating all those traditional dishes to go with the bird - and then it happened... you carved the turkey, put everything out on the table and stuffed yourself! lol We all do it - what's worse is that we wait a few hours, then we do it all over again with the leftovers! And that was all done yesterday! So now it's time to take a break - not just from turkey, but from cooking anything! Come in and let us prepar…

  • Rainy days make me hungry!!! and, it's Fajita Friday the 13th!

    That's right - today is Fajita Friday, and with it being Friday the 13th - what better place to get your taco/fajita fix than 13 Tacos & Taps? Not up for tacos? Chef turns your favorite tacos into Sizzling Fajitas (if you want). Although there are a couple exceptions, almost all of our tacos can be turned into fajitas. So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation early - our seating is limited. Some outdoor seating with heat available but also limited.

  • Fajita Friday! Turning tacos into Sizzling Fajitas!

    How it works... you come in and drool over the menu- then, you finally decide which of our tacos you would like to try (so many incredible tacos to choose from), and you make a decision... Tacos already built - or Sizzling Fajitas where you can build your own tacos? It's easier than you think - really... YOU GOT THIS! Get a refreshing Margarita or Sangria while you're at it! Chef's White Sangria, made with Champagne, is great with just about any of our tacos or fajitas!

  • It's Something to Cheer About!

    It's Fajita Friday! We'll turn almost any of our tacos - pick your favorite, into a sizzling Fajita! Just ask your server for details... or, choose our Fajita 4-2 (Steak, Chicken or Shrimp). Note: Fajita 4-2 available daily. TGIF

  • Turning your favorite Tacos into Fajitas - it's deliciously fun and the perfect way to kick off your weekend!

    That's right - we're at it again. Pick your favorite taco and we'll make a sizzling fajita with it. You'll get all the toppings, along with tortillas and your choice of side (beans, rice, side salad or chips & salsa). Or choose the Fajitas 4-2... you'll get a choice of filet mignon, chicken adobado, or shrimp - or do a surf & turf (shrimp & steak as shown in the photo). It's the perfect way to start your weekend!

  • Thank God It's Friday!

    Just think - in a few short hours, you can be relaxing outside (or indoors if you prefer) enjoying an icy cold Peach or Mango Margarita - or maybe a cold Craft Beer poured from the taps while being served an incredible Sizzling Fajita, made to order from your favorite Taco Fusion tacos right here at 13 Tacos & Taps! We also have incredible burritos and nachos if the fajita isn't your thing... or perhaps something a little more traditional, like Chile Relleno or our Mole Tia Chicken Enchiladas. …

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