E-Gift Cards
  • Tamles & Tequila Mules!

    Chicken Tamales - hand made by Chef Jose "David" Peraza-Arce - $5.00 Tequila Mules - created by our Bartender, Ashley. All of this for our Thirsty Tamale Thursday! Come get em - while they last!

  • It's that time again - FUN, FUN, FOOD, WINE, BEER AND FREE MUSIC BINGO!

    Every Wednesday night we have FREE Music Bingo by DJ Ones while you dine. Win prizes while you enjoy our 13th Taco Chef's Special - the Biria Taco - like a Mexican Style French Dip! SO Good that we had to bring it back - last served on Cinco de Mayo!

  • Just for Taco Tuesday...

    $4 Margaritas... add $1 for Flavored Margaritas! Turn it into a Grand Margarita for a small upcharge (ask your server). No matter how you drink your Margarita we have you covered! Come Celebrate Taco Tuesday with us!

  • Celebrating the Classics!

    If you've never had a classic Mexican dish... these are the two to try - Mole Tia Chicken Enchiladas and Chile Relleno. Made in the traditional manner, just like Chef's mom used to make for him in the Yukatan, from our own house made Mole for the Chicken Enchiladas to the hand fried (yes, spooning oil over the stuffed poblano pepper until golden and delicious) Chile Relleno. You'll wish you've tried these sooner - Come taste what Classic is all about!

  • It's Something to Cheer About!

    It's Fajita Friday! We'll turn almost any of our tacos - pick your favorite, into a sizzling Fajita! Just ask your server for details... or, choose our Fajita 4-2 (Steak, Chicken or Shrimp). Note: Fajita 4-2 available daily. TGIF

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