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    It's Friday and we're at it again!

    Don't forget the The Red Bird Tacos  "Best Tacos in NC (according to Yelp)"...  (shown in photo) or our Award Winning Moo Moo III (Filet Mignon Tacos) or Shrimp & Grits!     Remember, they're not your typical tacos...  come in and Taste the Difference!   (Learn more by going to our "In The News" page and clicking the link for the article).

    It's Fajita Friday - Free Chips & Salsa Appetizer when you order the Fajitas 4-2!   Shrimp, Filet Mignon or Chicken - - or mix them up for a Surf & Turf or Chicken & Steak!  They'll come to your table sizzling!  

    We are taking reservations - so make yours early.    Outdoor seating is limited - but it looks like rain tonight. 

    Feed ya soon!



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