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    Fajitas & Sangria - it IS Friday, after all!

    Get your Fajitas 4-2 and you'll get free Chips & Salsa appetizer today!  Pair your food with either of our Sangria Roja (with Red Wine) or Chef's White Sangria (with champagne) - you'll be glad you did!   

    Fajitas - Chicken, Steak or Shrimp - or, you can mix and match for a surf & turf or chicken & steak mix.  However you want to mix them - it's up to you!

    See you there!

    Oh, do you know what the background of the photo is?  Make sure you go to instagram, post your answer and share with a friend.  When you come in to dine, show us your comment and share and we'll give you a free Queso & Chips with your meal!    (Min 1 entree purchase is required and not valid with other coupons, offers, purchased coupons, etc.)  Good through the end of April 2022.





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