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    Are they Tacos or Flautas?

    It's our Smoked Mahi-Mahi -  hand rolled in a crispy tortilla  - and no matter what you call it now... you'll call it Delicious when you eat it!    It's one of our traditional taco dishes, but if you're not up for smoked fish tacos today, check out our Classics!   After all, it is Classic Saturday where we feature our Chile Relleno (Made the way Chef's mom used to make it in the Yucatan) or the Mole Tia Chicken Enchiladas (house made mole)... so good!   The Relleno is only $11 while they last!

    Don't forget - up to 2 children 12 years old or under eat free from the Kids Menu today.   Some outside seating and furry family members allowed!   




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